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Typical features of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont

Tourist region of Piedmont in Italy is often little deprived in attention, because most travelers are interested in such neighboring regions as Liguria, Lombardy and Veneto with its golden beaches and other attractions. Nevertheless, the Italian resort area of Piedmont has its typical regional features and items that tourists are happy to take away with them, which they often remember with joy, or even enjoy international reputation.

Prominent names that are considered typical for the Italian tourist region of Piedmont are primarily: Fiat - automobile concern based in Turin, Olivetti in Ivrea and Ferrero. In addition, Cherruti, Agnelli and De Benedetti originate from the north of Italy and reflect the typical features of this wonderful Italian resort area of Piedmont.

Especially famous attraction of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont is football. Juventus from Turin is one of the Italian football clubs, which plays at a very high and often international level.

As for the cuisine and cooking, it is worth noting that many wines are produced exactly in the Italian tourist region of Piedmont. A special treat that have invaluable importance are white and black truffles, which invite to make a lot of culinary tours in a few months before the Christmas holiday season to this resort area. Moreover, processing of chocolate has something unique and fun of this kind can also be called a typical just for Piedmont.

Embroidery, weaving, and some models are also features of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont, which evolved over the centuries and therefore are one of the major sectors of the textile industry. It should also be mentioned about the respective crafts, as well as a large number of native traditional crafts of the resort region. Tourists can see a large number of sheep and goats that graze on pastures and slopes in the tourist region of Piedmont. It looks as though they absolutely natural fit the landscape, however, among the green fields they with their amazing whiteness are a typical feature of the amazing Italian tourist region of Piedmont.


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