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Piedmont in Italian means "at the foot of the mountain". And this is the best description for the region. Situated between Milan and the Alps, Piedmont amazes with its grace and carelessness, but still has a typical Italian temperament.

Piedmont is located in the north of Italy. It is known primarily for its delicious food, fun atmosphere, ski tracks and recreation areas in the winter season. In 2006, as well as in neighboring Switzerland and France, in Piedmont were held the Winter Olympic Games. On the other side of the Alps there are located spectacular snow-covered valleys of Valle di Susa and Vale de Chisone, which are known as fabulous ski places. The luxurious winter vacation in Italy in Susa, Sestriere and Via Lattea is equal to the international level and the country is simultaneously one of the largest ski areas in Europe.

During the summer Piedmont attracts visitors with a 200 km hiking path, called Grande Traversata delle Alpi (GTA) that passes along the Alpine huts, chalets and the National Park Gran Paradiso. Piedmont offers a variety of tours for agro-tourism in rural areas with an abundance of summer houses, apartments and homesteads, where it is possible to organize horse trips.

In the heart of Piedmont is located Turin, the unrecognized capital of the region. Here travelers can enjoy one of the world’s most wonderful cafes, as well as the ensemble of buildings and small squares in the Baroque style. In Turin there is the cradle of one of the largest union movements in Italy's history, the first residence of Italian kings and the Italian car factory where is produced the first Italian mass car - Fiat.

Nature of Piedmont

Nature of Piedmont. Surprisingly diverse landscape - so you can speak about the nature of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont. Impression of...

Sights of Piedmont

Italian tourist attractions in the Piedmont region are primarily represented by the ancient monuments of art and culture. Among these landmarks...

Tours of cities and towns of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont

Tours of cities and towns of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont are full of a huge variety of different cultures, history, and are...

Typical features of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont

Tourist region of Piedmont in Italy is often little deprived in attention, because most travelers are interested in such neighboring regions as...


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