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Nature of Piedmont

Nature of Piedmont. Surprisingly diverse landscape - so you can speak about the nature of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont. Impression of the high mountain ranges, the charm of spacious valley of the river Po are complemented by the lakes, for example such as Lago Maggiore, and it creates a beautiful image of the tourist region of Piedmont. Vineyards in spring in Piedmont please with its greenery and in autumn are rosy red. Snow-capped peaks of the Alpine landscape and in the middle of all this beauty in the Italian region of Piedmont are meadows and fields, which invite to stay here and travel by bicycle or a guided tour of Italy with family to this unforgettable area.

Nature reserves and parks of Piedmont

Nature in Piedmont retained its beauty and the origins, which allowed a large number of species of flora and fauna to be preserved in this area. For this reason, in the resort area of Piedmont there are numerous parks and outstanding nature reserves, which include the famous park of Straight Del Monte near the town of Sassello or Straight Parco delle di Kapan Markarolo near the town of Bosio.

Mountains of Piedmont

Part of the Western Alps is located precisely in the Italian tourist region of Piedmont. From the air this part of the Western Alps looks like someone's hand, which covers the entire region. Outstanding peaks of this landscape of the Italian resort area of Piedmont are Monte Rosa in the north-eastern part of Piedmont and Grand Paradiso, the slope of which is used as a venue for winter vacations or a ski trip in the tourist region of Piedmont. Just before this at the foothill of the Alps vineyards are hanging on the hills, which are related to the climatic conditions of the Mediterranean, which, in turn, has absorbed a well-known and frequently visited Italian resort of Lago Maggiore.

River Po in Piedmont

The River Po, the longest river in Italy, is located in the mountains of the hiking region of Piedmont and flows through the city of Turin in the direction of an area called Lombardy. The river flow was an orientation in the past for many merchants, as well as military commanders, since the Po Valley included numerous cities and towns and now there are myths, legends and stories.


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