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Sights of Piedmont

Italian tourist attractions in the Piedmont region are primarily represented by the ancient monuments of art and culture. Among these landmarks at the Piedmont resort the main are, above all, the monuments, memorials, and the temporary evidence of history, which are all included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Natural sights of Piedmont

In addition to the rich heritage of the richest Italian tourist region of Piedmont, there are some parts of the landscape that should be mentioned when describing the sights of Piedmont. Here, in the resort area of Piedmont, are located the so-called Nine Sacred Mountains, which along with cultural monuments are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Sights of Turin

The striking Italian tourist region of Piedmont, while mentioning of its sights, is characterized primarily by its numerous churches, monuments, religious shrines, monasteries and fortresses. Here, the main place of tourists’ interest is the church and the main cathedral of Turin, and the city offers apartments, summer houses and hotels, so that you can stay here and spend a few days. Prevailing and dominating buildings of this city at the same time are such sights as the famous castles Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Reale. The attractions of Turin, of course, include the world-famous Shroud of Turin, which, like the Universal Church lexicon, is something truly special, mainly because the original of the famous Shroud of Turin is shown only once in 25 years.

Outstanding places of Piedmont

Outside Turin can be found wealthy tourist attractions of Italian region of Piedmont in the form of large walls, Fortezza di Fenestrelle, or the main destination for excursions - the wine region of Barolo. And a gorge around the underground city of Canelli, which depth is 13 km, will leave an amazing and at the same time original feeling. Miniature town of Borgo Medievale is also considered to be one of the attractions of Piedmont.

Venaria Royal House

Venaria is actually a small town in the tourist region of Piedmont. At the same time, this wonderful city of Venaria for centuries has remained...


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