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Venaria Royal House

Venaria is actually a small town in the tourist region of Piedmont. At the same time, this wonderful city of Venaria for centuries has remained a center of arts, culture, home of the Italian monarchy family, as well as the center of the silk industry. Due to the proximity to the famous for its monuments Italian city of Turin, very often Venaria acts as a resort where you can happily and quietly spend time with nature. This place offers the diversity of types of recreation.

History of Venaria

Wealth of water resources of Venaria caused the high density of the population. After the mid-16th century, when in the Italian town of Venaria began to grow mulberry trees for speeding up breeding of silkworms, which within a few decades later provided a high level of production, silk production became the main source of income of people from Venaria. The production of silk in Venaria is known even today.

Accommodation in Venaria

Venaria is not directly the ultimate goal of travel for urban travelers, that’s why they generally choose a small tour or a short trip to the Italian town of Venaria. For romantic travelers and lovers of Italian culture there is a large number of proposals available for renting apartments and summer houses in Turin, the capital of Piedmont. The cities of Venaria and Turin are known in different aspects, unlike other cities in the tourist region of Piedmont, where there are no seasonal restrictions, so any time you can find and reserve one of the many available apartments in Turin.

Attractions of Venaria

Among the most famous sights of Italian town of Venaria is the Royal Palace, which was built in 1659-1675 at the request of the Duke Carlo Emanuele II by his personal architect Amedeo di Castellamonte. The palace was used for on two occasions. On the one hand, it served as a royal palace and a summer residence of Venaria Savoyard, on the other - it was a hunting lodge. This may be a myth or truth, but there is a view that the French king Louis XVI authorized its architect to build the Palace of Versailles with the features of the royal palace in the Italian town of Venaria.

Walks on Venaria

From the Italian city of Venaria you can make an unforgettable strolls to Turin, as well as to seek the truffles, or quietly take a walk along the streets of the town or just to ride a bike in the regional park of La Mandra.


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