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Tours of cities and towns of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont

Tours of cities and towns of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont are full of a huge variety of different cultures, history, and are accompanied by a lot of mysticism and legends.

A variety of culinary dishes and cuisine is always a fundamental element of hospitality in Italy and culinary tours of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont are of great importance for many large cities in this resort area. Amazing fairs, Catholic worships and multisectoral business are the main reasons to make a trip to the Italian resort area of Piedmont.

The most outstanding and remarkable Italian tourist cities in the region of Piedmont are actually Turin, as well as Asti, Alba, Novara and Cuneo. Every trip of the towns of Piedmont resort area amazes by its charm and leaves an unforgettable experience and emotions. While the Italian city of Turin protects the legendary Shroud of Turin and shows it to the public only once in 25 years (2010), at the same time, such city as Alba is ready to present its guests and visitors striking and delicious white and black truffles. Many of the exciting Italian attractions delve back to the days of the House of Savoy, and others provide evidence of the existence of the Celts, their myths, traditions, religion and beliefs.

It is said that on the edge of the Alps, far away from the winter ski resorts, travels of Piedmont are pleasantly and unusually changed, so that’s why, may be, a large number of tourists choose their own route for journey. They look for the apartments, summer houses or hotel rooms in the Italian tourist region of Piedmont, for example, in Fortezza di Fenestrelle or deliberately seek it in the Sacri Monti, the so-called Sacred Mountains of resort area of Piedmont, to regain peace and devote time to meditation and introspection.

Tour to the capital of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont - the city of Turin

The thing that when traveling in cities and towns of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont we observe very rare, but at the same time, what...


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