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Tour to the capital of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont - the city of Turin

The thing that when traveling in cities and towns of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont we observe very rare, but at the same time, what can be seen during a long stay in Italy almost anywhere - it is the symbol of the capital of the resort area of Turin - the bull. Exalted bull sits on the throne guards the city of Turin of the Italian tourist region of Piedmont that for centuries has been an important stimulus to come to the most beautiful country - Italy.

Excursion to the Italian city of Turin

Very often a tour of the Italian city of Turin in the tourist region of Piedmont begins from a central point of this city, Piazza Castello with Palazzo Madama, which was the first seat of the Italian Senate. Not far from this place is located unusually beautiful Royal Palace, Palazzo Reale, with a magnificent garden. The Italian town of Turin is also known for its world-famous Shroud of Turin, which as a copy can be seen in the church of San Lorenzo or the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista. Every 25 years revered by all religious people Shroud of Turin is shown to the public as a famous relic of global significance. The authenticity of this famous fabric remains, unfortunately, quite questionable.

Tour of Turin for the whole family

In addition to lots of worship, religious and monumental buildings in Turin, there is also the Museum of cinema, which was marked by the public and, at the same time, is known as the greatest museum in Europe with a simultaneous international reputation. Cinema Museum in Turin is located in the historical area of the city of Turin, Mole Antonelliana, where from the observation platform you can admire the beautiful view of the Italian town of Turin. Another purpose of travel to the city of Turin can be football, or rather Juventus from Turin, with its stadium and deepest traces in the sports history of Turin. There is located even a car museum, where you can learn the history of Italian brand Fiat that really stimulates to make an extraordinary and unforgettable trip to the Italian city of Turin.


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