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Sights of Umbria

Sights of Umbria. Umbria is geographically advantageously located in a picturesque and almost tempting tourist destination in the heart of Italy. Cities and communities are secretly watching us from the hills, through woods, marshes, meadows and fields, surrounded by legends, myths and stories, but each has its own history and its own culture. The resort region of Umbria is rich in architectural masterpieces and paintings that reveal the history of the Umbria region, so you can admire them and feel the atmosphere of the medieval style deep into your soul, but at the same time to experience it.

Tourists, who travel to admire and enjoy the cultural values of Italy, chose for their holiday apartments in Umbria in such cities as Gubbio, holiday houses in Spoleto or hotels in Perugia. But even in such places as Narni, Todi or Città di Castello you can expect to see the medieval streets, venerable walls and art of the period from Gothic to Renaissance. The real magic can be felt in Assisi. No coincidence that this city is put into the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here you can safely take a break from the excessive demand for hotels and apartments.

But first things first. Perugia is the greatest art city in the Italian tourist region of Umbria. Surrounded by the walls of the Etruscans, it contains within itself a large number of attractions in its historic center. Fountain called Fontana Maggiore is one of the most distinctive features of the city of Perugia. In this amazing Italian city is also situated the National Gallery of the tourist region of Umbria.

Orieto city every time more and more amazes travelers with its charm. Worthy of attention here, in any case, is the Cathedral, which is considered to be a masterpiece of the Italian Gothic. The Cathedral is famous due to the cycle of "doomsday" frescoes.

Religious art and culture in Assisi stands high above the list of objects and places that you should at least once see in Italy. The city, as if by magic, remains unchanged since the Middle Ages and is still indescribably beautiful. It is the Holy City. In the Basilica of St Francis is kept a coffin of St Francis, and his life is described in 28 panels.

Tours around Spoleto, Trevi, Spello, Todi, and Citta di Castello attract by its medieval stairways, narrow streets, venerable buildings and architectural treasures, structures and, of course, beautiful panoramas of the Italian tourist region of Umbria.


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