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Umbria is the only region of Italy, which has no coastline and international borders. Umbria is the heart of Italy, although it is often called the "green light". This region combines all that is appreciated and loved in Italy.

A culinary journey in Umbria

Umbria region amazes with its traditional culinary delights and enrapture with the Italian cuisine like no other city in Italy. Culinary tour of Umbria is a journey to the olive groves, to the sun-ripened tomatoes, fields of sunflowers, which delight the eye, as well as wines and liqueurs, which are considered to be the best in the world. Medicinal herbs, vegetables, trout from the streams, beets, berries and truffles are the delicacies that are treated in Umbria with the millennia traditions. A large number of tourists Umbria attract with the so-called "wine roads" - the tourist routes through wine-making regions of Italy. Especially popular theses routes are in autumn, the season of new wine. The traveler has the opportunity to get acquainted with the beautiful nature, historical sights and to taste the wine of the new harvest, which is offered by owners of numerous wine cellars. Assisi, Colli, Altotiberini, Tordzhiano, Orvieto Rosso are only some of the known areas of vineyards, which tourists admire for its the medieval stone walls and buildings of the Renaissance.

Holidays in Umbria

Holidays in Umbria combines the walks on the outstanding cities, the time travel to the medieval customs of the indigenous population, as well as the cultural monuments of the Etruscans and Rome. Holidays in Umbria are not only the enjoyment with the beauty of the nature but also the scenery directly in front of the apartments and houses for recreation. Only in this region you will find a huge number of proposals for to spend your free time and you will be able to take part in the amazing events.

Active sports in Umbria

At the open air of the nature the tourists are always ready for sensational adventures. The tourist wants to see in Umbria the fascinating world of rivers, river valleys, springs, forests and pastures. Many of the woodland areas in Umbria, including the National Park Monti Sibillini, have a magical charm. The River Nera passes along the slopes of the Apennines through the gorge, creating a beautiful grottos and caves. Umbria is multifaceted: it is the home for many species of birds, the house of wolves and legends, it is a great place for skiing and mountain biking, hang-gliding lessons, rock climbing, horseback riding and travel down the canyons.

Castles of Umbria

Palaces and castles in Umbria are everywhere as far as the eye can see. Each of them has its legends, stories, and, above all, exciting moments...

Cuisine of Umbria

If you did not manage to taste the delights of cuisine of the Italian tourist region of Umbria, your visit to this resort area was in vain....

Features of Umbria

Here is created an impression that the arts and crafts are closely related to each other, when thousands of monasteries, spirituality and...

Health-improving holidays in Umbria

You can hardly believe it, but an Italian tourist region of Umbria is rich in water. Although the resort region of Umbria has neither an inch...

Nature of Umbria

Italian tourist region of Umbria is rightly called as a "green heart" of Italy, mainly because Umbria from all resort areas of Italy...

Religion in Umbria

Religion in Umbria. The Land of Saints, Christianity and their sermons - so you can describe the Italian tourist region of Umbria when you meet...

Sights of Umbria

Sights of Umbria. Umbria is geographically advantageously located in a picturesque and almost tempting tourist destination in the heart of...

Treasures of Umbria

Not all the treasures of the Italian tourist region of Umbria are underground. Moreover, from time to time their histories remain a mystery....


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