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Treasures of Umbria

Not all the treasures of the Italian tourist region of Umbria are underground. Moreover, from time to time their histories remain a mystery. But even without the historical background you will be enchanted by the places of the former Roman Empire, the Etruscans, as well as the history of their evolution. The resort area of Umbria, is not only a real treasure, but also an archaeological value at the crossroads of the beautiful nature and modern times.

Perhaps because of the richness of nature or ideal location along the Tiber River, right here in the Italian tourist region of Umbria, the first settlements appeared amazingly early. Focusing on the archeological evidence, the Etruscan Arch in the center of Perugia was built more than 2000 years ago and clearly refers to the times of Antiquity and the Roman Empire. The most significant findings of our days include the tomb of San Manno of the Etruscan times. It is among one of the 200 most visited tombs in the necropolis of the Palazzo and impress by its corridor leading to the false ten rooms. Similarly, amazes the facade of the temple of Minerva, which dates from the 1st century BC.

You should visit the treasures of the Italian tourist region of Umbria in high season, book a flat or apartments in Gubbio, admire the Big Theatre or the mausoleum of Pomponius Grecinus. Thanks to beforehand booked apartment in Narni you will be able to visit an aqueduct and remnants of the August bridge on the Nera river. If you want to pay more attention to the ancient treasures of Umbria in conjunction with the modern culture, then you should consult about renting an apartment in Terni, since there is located an ancient Roman amphitheater, where were held, and, to this day are still held, events in the Italian tourist region of Umbria.

In fact, there is hardly a town in the Italian resort area of Umbria, where you cannot find any antique thing. Even underground the tourist region of Umbria praises its treasures. This, for example, is the city under the city named Orvieto Underground, a maze, consisting of corridors, rooms, stairways and caves, and it is expected that this city is about 2500 years. And Narni also had its own underground city. Finally we say: Let yourself fall under the impression of the treasures of the Italian tourist region of Umbria!


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