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Features of Umbria

Here is created an impression that the arts and crafts are closely related to each other, when thousands of monasteries, spirituality and divine gifts are gathered in one place. Towns and villages in the Italian tourist region of Umbria and even some seemingly long-forgotten towns are full of deep spirituality and canonized people here are still honored. Arts and crafts gained its importance and place in society especially in the Middle Ages with the adoption of Christianity. In search of human settlements in front of your eyes appear villages and towns and sometimes entire urban compositions. Italian resort area of Umbria managed to keep up to our days much of his craft and typical art of this region.

This is, for example, Deruta ceramics - a specific product, created in the Italian tourist region of Umbria. The techniques of manufacturing ceramic products in this region can be traced back to the Etruscan times. In the Middle Ages it was embellished with sophisticated decorations, which allowed craftsmen to achieve a high status among the nobility. Today, these skills are used by ceramic schools of the resort area of Umbria and in some shops you can even purchase these and other typical regional works of art. Gubbio fascinates with its pottery, which had already achieved even international recognition. Here are located famous manufactories with colorful decorations, floral patterns and vases from red scented clay.

In addition, the Italian town of Gubbio in the tourist region of Umbria creates impresses tourists thanks to the amazing art of wrought iron, which can be seen not only in the patterns on the gates, but also in the constructions fire locking, circles and even in the old kitchen moldings.

Here, as well as in Perugia, Città di Castello and Montefalco textile processing associated with the ancient techniques of the Middle Ages, is, perhaps, one of the most typical regional products of resort area of Umbria, which exists in the area around Lake Trasimeno. Irish bobbins and lace, hand-embroidered tulle, as well as the known method of Assisi Cross Stitch are the characteristic products of handicrafts in the Italian tourist region of Umbria. It remains to remind about the art of the goldsmiths and glass processing in Pigaro. The latter you can find while admiring stained glass windows of the cathedral in Orvieto.


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