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Cuisine of Umbria

If you did not manage to taste the delights of cuisine of the Italian tourist region of Umbria, your visit to this resort area was in vain. Culinary tours to Umbria, in any case, are worthwhile. A trip to the Italian tourist region of Umbria should normally begin with a search for apartments, suites or rooms in a hotel in this area. But as soon as you arrive here, Italian wine, the scent of cypress, olives and nature will give you more than just fish, meat and herbs. But it is the sense of a comprehensive pleasure – to turn the holiday in the resort area of Umbria into unique treat.

The magic charm of the Italian tourist region of Umbria is, first of all, its culture and nature, and as for cuisine delights, they quickly turned into a so-called culinary culture. At the heart of nature, on the squares in towns and villages of the resort region of Umbria you will be able to pleasantly enjoy the rest under the open sky or relax on the terraces and balconies of rented apartments in Umbria.

Olive oil and wine have their roots deep in the ancient world. No, of course, you will not be offered the old wine with ripening of about 3 thousand years, but the culture of wine and olive trees growing is in the lives of Italians to our days. The knowledge of farmers and people of the Italian tourist region of Umbria comes from the ancient world, but even if many do not realize it, in towns and cities since the Middle Ages and up until today they are happy to use the knowledge of antiquity.

Cuisine and culinary delights of Italian tourist region of Umbria are similar to the German idea of eating in Italy, if you do not take into account pizza and pasta. Fish, pork and beef are mainly served boiled. Various additives have become a part of meals mainly due to the regional breeding of a large number of crops in this resort area, and to its perfection, given the seasonings, cuisine of Umbria is one of the most exciting in all Italy. In the tourist region of Umbria food is usually cooked with herbs and mushrooms, sweet fruit and wild flowers, guided by the tradition dating back to medieval times.

Of course, every region in the Italian tourist region of Umbria has its special features. However, the consummate delicacy of this resort is a truffle. Both varieties of truffles are known in this area, the white truffle (Tuber Magratum Pico), as well as its more popular cousin, the black truffle, grows close to the amazing Italian towns of Norsia and Spoleto.


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