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Castles of Umbria

Palaces and castles in Umbria are everywhere as far as the eye can see. Each of them has its legends, stories, and, above all, exciting moments that have occurred in the past, but are memorized for centuries. The castles in the resort area of Umbria were created for certain purposes, however, at the same time they amazingly fit into the countryside of Umbria. The list of castles and fortresses in the Italian tourist region of Umbria is really big and long. But the list of rentals in Umbria is much longer. You have a choice which city to travel, you decide in what area to start your tour of the resort area of Umbria, and, accordingly, decide where you will book your apartment or house for the holidays.

The most beautiful castle or rather fortress in the Italian tourist region of Umbria is the Alviano castle. It is often described as the "guardian of the valley of the Tiber", because the castle is located on one of the highest hills in the Italian resort area of Umbria. Almost invaluable is the so-called fortified castle of Assisi. It was destroyed in 1198, but in the 14th century walls foundation has been restored and today the castle of Assisi is one of the most popular attractions in the Italian resort area of Umbria. The fortress of Assisi is also open for tourists coming to the region of Umbria. Here are held numerous concerts, exhibitions and other events.

The date of creation of many castles in the Italian tourist region of Umbria is 14th and 16th centuries, including the mighty fortress of Narni or the huge fortifications of Pieve del Vescovo. More than a thousand years of history has Rocca Flea in Gualdo Tadoni. Here, at the same time is located an impressive museum.

Thanks to many other museums the Italian region of Umbria has the art pieces from the time of the Etruscans, Gothic and Renaissance architecture of the Middle Ages and modern styles. Such an example is a palace in the city of Perugia or flash-art museum in Trevi. Worthy of attention, in any case, are the city art gallery "Orneore Metelli" in Terni and the hometown of the artist Alberto Burri with a collection of works dating from the 15th century.


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