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Health-improving holidays in Umbria

You can hardly believe it, but an Italian tourist region of Umbria is rich in water. Although the resort region of Umbria has neither an inch of the coast of the Mediterranean, but do not forget the about a large number of springs, mountain streams, small and large rivers, as well as about the fourth-largest lake in Italy, Lago di Trasimeno.

With this wealth of different types of water it is not surprising that the recovery, treatment and therapeutic methods, which are used in with water, one of the reasons to come to rest in the Italian tourist region of Umbria. And moreover, exceptional, and at the same time professional health programs are offered not only by hotels, but also the owners of rented apartments and villas that receive guests here. Medical rehabilitation, which is practiced in the Italian tourist region of Umbria, goes beyond the knowledge of many people. If you know anything about this, or have had experience, then please contact us. We are always grateful for new information.

As for the thermal procedures at hot springs, you can always visit it, no matter whether you have settled in the sanatorium itself, pension or stayed in any holiday home in the Italian tourist region of Umbria. Among the most famous places with thermal water is, no doubt, Città di Castello with its hot springs in Fontechchio, which offers, among other things, rehabilitation therapy for respiratory tract. It is said that hot springs in Spello enjoy one of the most remarkable reviews. Here recovery is often associated with sporting events, so here can be best achieved regenerative properties of inner strength and inner balance.

Thermal springs and mineral springs in the Italian tourist region of Umbria are also suppliers of bottled water, which is packed and you can get it. Some of these waters have been known since antiquity. Among the most famous varieties of water from the sources of the Italian tourist region of Umbria are "Sangemini" and "Fabia".


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