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Religion in Umbria

Religion in Umbria. The Land of Saints, Christianity and their sermons - so you can describe the Italian tourist region of Umbria when you meet pilgrims along the way to Italy. The mystery of religion exists here in Umbria, not only in terms of piety, as in other regions of Italy, but here there are also shades of mysticism that will enhance your intentions to spend a vacation in this resort area.

The Middle Ages awarded the Italian tourist region of Umbria with a breath of mysticism and, at the same time, the title of world power. But those, who decided to stay, and seeks, for example, to find a quiet holiday apartment in Umbria, will be able to spend each day in venerable and devout castles and monasteries, feel the spiritual strength and deep religiosity already today. Already in antiquity the resort region of Umbria had a place in the pantheon. Sibyl Oracle gave the name to the modern Monti Sibillini, the forests of rocky oaks were dedicated to Jupiter, and who are interested will learn that Todi, in antiquity - Mars, was worshiped here infinitely.

But the deep religiosity the Italian tourist region of Umbria has gained with the adoption of Christianity. During this time the resort region of Umbria became really both economically and culturally flourishing. In Italy piety developed almost simultaneously with the arts and culture. At this time in other European countries art together with trade formed unusual compounds, but the Italian art of the Middle Ages differed by its spirituality and piety. These traces can be found in the form of murals, ceiling paintings and in the galleries of the Italian tourist region of Umbria.

Many of the places in the Italian tourist region of Umbria were noted as sacred and have experienced a high level of pilgrimage. The most valuable of the pilgrimage places is a cave of Saint Francis near the gate of Assisi. It is thought that here is very often seen the Virgin Mary, so it seems that in the Italian tourist region of Umbria is located a countless number of places of pilgrimage. Here, perhaps, the most evident feature is the close proximity of Deruta. Here is located the pilgrimage church of Madonna Bagni.

To crown it all, at this stage we also need to mention that today in the age of information and tourism, the traces of St. Francis can be very well reproduced, and you will be able to re-appear on the route to Assisi.


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