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Nature of Umbria

Italian tourist region of Umbria is rightly called as a "green heart" of Italy, mainly because Umbria from all resort areas of Italy is located in the most appropriate place and is in almost central position. It is believed that the area of Umbria, meanwhile, has the "green soul" and this is partly due to the presence of traditional ancient forests in the region, increased at the expense of wetlands and marshes, and also, apparently, the intersection of the thousands of small and large mountain streams that feed the surprisingly rich grasslands. And in the middle of this striking landscape are high spurs of the mountain ranges and massifs and developing mountain ranges of the Apennine Mountains.

Only here, in the Italian tourist region of Umbria, the nature seems to be still in some amazing balance, and it seems that the beauty of the nature here remained in the genes of the universe. Maybe that's why there appeared a striking resort area of Umbria - a region with exciting, beautiful scenery, surprisingly lovely, clean and natural, in the heart of sunny Italy, and hardly anyone living on earth will be able to name even one such piece of virgin nature in other European countries. An interesting fact is that in the tourist region of Umbria very early was defined and evaluated the significance of nature and that from that moment people started to assert, and later legally confirm that such a nature should be protected from human intervention. And due to this fact big and even huge territories of the Italian resort area of Umbria are now parks, protected landscape areas and even national parks.

As for national parks in the Italian tourist region of Umbria, it is worth noting that they include the National Park of Monti Sibillini, located in the border area of the largest areas of Marche and Umbria, the resident population of which claim that it is legendary and that it collected a lot of magic and innermost secrets. The situation with three other Italian regional parks is also interesting. Italian Regional Park Colfiorito is proud of located on its territory huge mountain plateau, which attracts attention due to the deep valley of the dried-up lake basins. Italian natural park of Monte Cucco, of course, is a paradise for lovers of various sports, and in the end everything in the natural park of Monte Subasio of the Umbria tourist region spins around St. Francis, who, among other things, was meditating here in oak forests and very accurately said About the old, huge, more than a 1000 year old oak tree: "Here we find the evidence that the Holy Spirit exists for everyone". And, of course, it is advisable for you to visit the river park on the river Tiber, the charm of which is justified not just by the beauty of the hills and ravines, but the sublime richness of arable land. But you should not forget that it is the great Lake Trasimeno that attracts to the Italian tourist region of Umbria a large flow of tourists and vacationers choosing to spend their holidays here.

Monti Sibillini National Park

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Parco del Trasimeno

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River Park on the River Tiber

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