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River Park on the River Tiber

River Park on the Tiber River extends in length by 50 km through one of the most wonderful and amazing tourist regions of Italy - Umbria. From the hills of Todi to Alviano reserve the resort region of Umbria with a park on the Tiber River reveals one of the most diverse landscapes of Italy, already known as the "green heart" of Italy. Inside the River Park on the river Tiber you can learn the history and the park waits for observers and people arrived in the scientific mission of an amazing and unique places, archaeological sites and places of forgotten past and geological findings.

Those, who interested in the Tiber River Park, are advised to seek a safe place or a hotel room in such cities as Todi or Prodo. Apartment in the Italian town of Todi of the Italian tourist region of Umbria relocate its tourists to the times of discovering the Middle Ages. Here are the starts of a large number of excursions into the park on the river Tiber. Another option is Alviano. Due to the River Park on the River Tiber and tourists who decided to watch the birds and enjoy fishing there are many options for flats, summer houses and other apartments.

The River Park on the river Tiber is primarily known for its trout canyon, the hills of Prodo and Titigniano, and a large reservoir in Corbara. The latter, by rights, is of artificial origin, but it has never compromised the charm of the rural area of the Italian tourist region of Umbria. By the way, we need to say that the trout canyon is indescribably beautiful and attractive. Watching the flight of hawks or vultures can make you feel the urge to fly yourself. In addition, the construction of dam has led not only to the special ways of obtaining energy, but suddenly formed new wetlands and bogs, where now people fishing with an amazing passion. The lake Lago di Corbar, which was formed after the creation of dam, is incredibly rich in carp, asps and eels.

On the shores of the lakes in the park on the River Tiber as well as in surrounding areas you can still find traces of the ancient Etruscans and Romans. Looking at the history of Italy, here previously was just the river Tiber, which was one of the most important trade routes for the Romans in ancient times and now it is an integral part of the culture of the resort area of Umbria. So the concentration of archaeological sites in the Italian tourist region of Umbria on the left and right banks of the Tiber River and across the River Park on the River Tiber is quite high.


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