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Parco del Trasimeno

Parco del Trasimeno is one of the young parks in the Italian tourist region of Umbria and, therefore, only since 1995 is under protection. The Park del Trasimeno is not an unknown destination for tourists who decided to vacation in sunny Italy, in addition the lake with the same name, Lago di Trasimeno, is the fourth largest lake in the country.

Therefore, the government has a major challenge to protect the pristine natural flora and fauna, as well as to protect the beach tourism resort in the Italian tourist region of Umbria, and especially to support its development. If you look at the growing number of apartments, rooms in hotels and summer cottages, which each year are leased on Lake Trasimeno, for example, in Perugia, you will immediately realize that a tour to this country, despite the strict environmental laws are advantageous until now.

And on the lake Lago di Trasimeno in the Italian tourist region of Umbria were found wonderful parts of uncontaminated nature, neat and clean beaches, an extremely high quality water, and even several other areas in the Parco del Trasimeno are absolutely clean, almost reverently untouched, thanks to the people's passion to the world of plants and animals, not wild, but having the opportunity to develop freely. And we can see, especially during spring or autumn months, as, for example, migratory birds stop for winter in the park del Trasimeno, or can find out exactly where the various species of birds find themselves seats for incubating eggs. Parco del Trasimeno in the Italian tourist region of Umbria covers an area of approximately 13,200 hectares and is located near the lake, three beautiful islands, hilly terrain and, of course, unique natural valleys and beautiful and clean beaches. Lake Trasimeno can provide you with a huge list of different fish species. In other words, in areas close to the Parco del Trasimeno, located in the resort area of Umbria, you can find in the menu a large number of variations and a real variety of fresh fish dishes. In addition to these we advise you to drink a glass of wine, because Lake Trasimeno is surrounded by amazingly colorful vineyards.


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