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Veneto cuisine

Cuisine of Veneto is just an amazing experience. It should be immediately said that the cuisine in Veneto is considered to be light and useful, at the same time it can be characterized as a typical Mediterranean, at least thanks to its proximity to the coast, which is located near the Italian region of Veneto.

In principle cuisine and culinary habits of Italian tourist region of Veneto can be divided in at least two regions. Although if the Italian part of the Adriatic Veneto resort region in its regional cuisine more focused on fish and rice and depending on the tastes of the local people here can already be spread the use of eastern spices, the northern part of the Po valley can boast of its meat, pasta products, corn and heavy stews, as well as a thick soups, replacing both the first and second courses. Here, in the Italian tourist region of Veneto, are mostly spread products from whole grains. And the distinctive feature of the cuisine in the resort region of Veneto is the Venetian guinea fowl.

Right on the coast grows asparagus, which in addition to fish and various spices attracts tourists and vacationers from around the world to enjoy food and drinks of Italian tourist region of Veneto. Turning to the description of vegetables, we should mention pink and red chicory, which is known immediately after the sample of culinary delights after a trip to a resort region of Veneto.

Though in the Italian region of Veneto there are a large number of plantations for the production of olive oil, however, many vacationers on Lake Garda are willing and eager to see the other regions of Italy, even if they are quite far away. It is necessary to talk about the Riviera Degli Olivi, the coast, which has such a great title for the reason that in fact it shows travelers the beauty and gracefulness of mature olive trees. Olive oil with food and drink in the Italian region of Veneto complements only valuable food.

The situation with wine in the Italian tourist region of Veneto is quite different. Wines from the Veneto region reached the highest praise and an international recognition after Siena. Wines of the tourist region of Veneto are among the most famous wines of Italy. But those who seek high-quality wine in the Veneto region should certainly pay attention to the quality control stamp. In the regional cuisine of the Italian Veneto tourist region say that wines from the hills better than the wines from the valleys. Thus, there are three different wine-growing regions in Veneto. They are the Valpolisella district to the north of Verona, Treviso region to the north of Verona and the region around the Tagliamento produce such wines as Merlot and Cabernet with a higher standard and quality in the world.


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