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From the Adriatic Sea in the east to Lake Garda in the west to the border with Austria extends the Italian region of Veneto. This region includes such resorts as Venice, Verona, ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo and also a great place for sportsmen - Lake Garda.

Once in the Veneto

The capital of one of the most beautiful resort areas in the north of Italy is Venice. It is a symbol of Italian Carnival, a synonym to the notion of the romantic vacations on the Adriatic coast and it fascinates with its history as a major sea trading metropolis. This is the place where Marco Polo began his sea journey to the shores of Asia. As a tourist city, Venice impresses with its water canals, bridges and unique architecture. The visiting of the Murano and Burano islands, which are famous for the manufacture of glass, as well as the Piazza San Marco with the same name the church and the Palace of Doges is an integral parts of the program for a holiday in Venice.

Holidays in Veneto

If you want to have a holiday outside Veneto, for example closer to Padua and Verona, the magnificent country houses will impress you. It can be said that Verona is the cultural capital of Veneto and justifies its historic charm with the world-famous summer festivals at the Roman Arena, which is comparable to the Roman Coliseum.

Here passes the river Po, which has long been influencing on the region. Again and again it bore the pebbles into the Adriatic Sea. Earlier on its banks located the city of Adria, but over the centuries moved inland for 25 km in the valley of the Po River.

Free time in the Veneto

Veneto amazes not only with the beautiful landscapes, thanks to which travels here are combined with rehabilitation, cycling adventure trips, and culture here is the most valuable benefit. The region also fascinates with its ski centers and places for winter sports. One of the most famous of them is Cortina d'Ampezzo, which is also one of the biggest ski centers in Northern Italy.

Nature of Veneto

The landscape of the Italian Veneto tourist region is very diverse and varies from the Dolomites mountain massifs to long and vast beaches on...

Products of Veneto

Veneto products can serve as an additional way to make an idea about the region. Each region of Italy has its own features, and therefore...

Tour of Veneto

Hotels and apartments when traveling of cities of the Italian Veneto tourist region must be booked at the appropriate time. Before the tour to...

Venetian culture

Arts and Culture in Veneto Arts and culture in the Italian region of Veneto are very close to the two other major metropolitan art areas...

Veneto cuisine

Cuisine of Veneto is just an amazing experience. It should be immediately said that the cuisine in Veneto is considered to be light and useful,...


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