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Products of Veneto

Veneto products can serve as an additional way to make an idea about the region. Each region of Italy has its own features, and therefore holidays in the tourist region of Veneto have its own characteristics. Veneto resort region has at the same time has an amazing talent and you initially cannot even decide what the characteristic products of the Veneto region you should choose first.

The Italian tourist region of Veneto is known for its fashion, traditional handicrafts, culinary delights and amazing cuisine, so it could be said that the typical regional skills of indigenous people are fascinating. Thus, there exists an opinion that the resort region of Veneto is similar to the shopping streets in the northern part of Italy.

Here, in territory of the Veneto resort, you can try unique grappa, pasta that unexpectedly overcomes all the dishes, and fresh fruits, cheese, mushrooms and typical for Italian tourist region of Veneto spices will please any vacationer. Olive oils and traditional wine farms define culinary journeys of this part of Italy, specifically the Veneto region located in the lagoon. However, rice is used in the tourist region of Veneto at least in the area around Bassa Veronese and is a regional characteristic product of Veneto, as well as extraction of honey from different flowers. In Veneto is produced acacia honey, European noble chestnut honey, and farther to the north, alpine rose honey is becoming the most popular rarity.

Art and culture are the reasons for return to the origins of the Italian handicraft tourist region of Veneto. And it is worth noting that two of the islands near Venice, can hardly be surpassed in making the characteristic regional products. Manufacture of masks on Burano and unique products from Murano glass are known worldwide and reflects, unfortunately, despite the increased influence of the Far East, an ambitious regionality of the Veneto territory, as well as the gold art jewelry in Vicenza, and, of course, the shoe masters of Verona.

But apart from footwear, here in the Italian region of Veneto, appeared a typical Italian fashion, beauty and cosmetics. Small traders in the Veneto region are given little attention as well as finished goods on the famous streets of Verona and Venice. And anyone who came to the resort region of Veneto for the Venetian fashion knows that there are significant regional and seasonal differences in price, quality of work and personal service. But this feeling itself is characteristic only for the striking Italian region of Veneto.


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