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Venetian culture

Arts and Culture in Veneto

Arts and culture in the Italian region of Veneto are very close to the two other major metropolitan art areas in Italy - Florence and Rome. This, of course, is due primarily to the city of Venice, which, through trade, commerce and exchange with different cultures brought together crumbs and reached the true diversity of culture and art in the resort region of Veneto, preserved and gave the public an opportunity to see these monuments in the museums of the Veneto region.

Especially in the architecture of Venice are reflected various styles from other worlds and cultures. But even in the art can be found traces of the influence of Central Europe and Byzantium, and as for Turkey, its motives are widely presented in photographs, paintings, sculpture, and theater is a reflection of the interaction and complementarity of different cultures in the Italian region of Veneto.

"Cultural" tourists and art lovers, who come to Italy to enjoy a holiday in the resort region of Veneto and travel to cultural attractions, will meet in the Veneto region many elements of Baroque and Renaissance. Again and again the city on the lagoons - Venice - amazes people by its mansions, extremely rich art heritage, frescoes and paintings in churches and museums and even the beauty of traders’ homes attracts tourists and vacationers to Italy. Here have lived such artists as Giovanni Bellini, Titian or Veronese and were also born such compositions as Vivaldi, and it is here where the great architects and senior clients entered into the culture new incomparable buildings, which are still unique worldwide.

Villas in the Veneto are now a magnet for tourists from all over the world, who with excursions make a sudden raid on these attractions of the Veneto region in order to understand the competing works of art and culture of the 15 century. In general, there are more than a thousand houses in the tourist region of Veneto, which were built in the period from 15th century to the 19th century and in addition to the above-named styles added a bit of classicism. For a small fee you can see some of these houses from inside.


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