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Nature of Veneto

The landscape of the Italian Veneto tourist region is very diverse and varies from the Dolomites mountain massifs to long and vast beaches on the Adriatic Sea. It passes through almost the whole deserted valley of the River Po and astound by the beauty of the lagoons, open and accessible approaches to the Lake Garda, which may please you with beach recreation, and still has a small swamps and marshes.

Though the Italian tourist region of Veneto has a very large territory, but only 4.5 million people live in this attractive region of Italy. Despite three thousand meters of Dolomites peaks, various types of waters, lakes, lagoons, swamps, marshes, river flows and, of course, the Adriatic Sea distinguishes this amazing area. One of the main streams of Italian Veneto tourist region are, in any case, Po, Adige, Brenta, Piave rivers and a bizarre course of the river Sile. This river controls the flow arising near Treviso and 90 km of its length is underground. Close to the coast all these rivers were connected to the system of ditches and channels to communicate with each other, and thus the navigation of boats on the rivers and extensive trade were possible in the resort region of Veneto. Lagoons were also an additional stimulus to settle the coast and nowadays they are a magnet for holidaymakers who want to spend their leisure time here, and this landscape in the tourist region of Veneto in Italy is often the final and desired point of the tourists’ tours.

Veneto region is certainly a very intensive expression of the industrial landscape in Italy, but many already know that this could lead to, and sometimes leads, to huge environmental problems. And so it is not surprising that people living in Italy, have been actively engaged in environmental issues and, thus, the condition of the landscape in the resort region of Veneto. The landscape of the Veneto region includes for this reason several parks, nature reserves and even a national park. That city of Venice is one of those places of protection of the environment in the Italian Veneto resort region, and thanks to recultivation and strict regulations on preserving the water quality in contrast to other regions of the country here people are trying to reduce the effects of damage to nature in the territory of Veneto. For tourists in the resort region of Veneto come into effect in summer specific dates for the temporary suspension of the ban on swimming and sunbathing, so that summer vacation and pastime in Italy was an unforgettable event.


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