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Tour of Venice

The water in Venice is the element that controls one of the most popular cities in Italy. Often during the winter months the Piazza San Marco in Venice is under water, and yet this town, built on stilts, remains infinitely attractive for tourists coming to vacation in Italy.

Whether due to the need or succumbed to the charms of a surprisingly water-resistant wood here appeared refugees, but consisting from more than 118 small islands, created on the seafront the city of Venice exists for several generations. It is rich with myths, fantasies and just medieval town in the lagoon of the Adriatic Sea. As a trading city, a city of medieval seafaring, a city of romance and love – it can be frankly said that Venice is always worth visiting. More than 10 million tourists come annually to Italy and are looking for apartments and hotels in Venice. Unlike Florence, in Venice for tourists it will be enough to rest and relax, go sightseeing in this amazing city and travel by boat on its canals. Of course, tourists are advised to guide by the prices of hotels and apartments in Venice in the heart of the historic center, but that the rise in prices for apartments in Venice in the last days of off-season are not surprising. But the off-season in Venice due to Christmas and the famous Venice carnival is rather brief. During the season in Venice it is very difficult or even impossible to find an apartment or even a free hotel room. Therefore, we advise you to book an apartment or a room in a hotel in the province of Veneto, and then choose a day of trip to Venice itself, or make this city a destination.

In fact, it is not necessary to print a list of the main attractions of Venice, as the Piazza San Marco, Canal Grande, Rialto Bridge, the Doge's Palace, the Guggenheim and countless galleries, as well as tours in the footsteps of navigators and legendary Casanova are known throughout the civilized world. But the interesting fact is that Venice offers a variety of tourist maps. These travel cards looks like information about cities and being sold in the museums of the cities serve as various discounts and even free admissions to the most notable events of this city. It is interesting to know, but, despite the fact that in Venice there are events such as the Venice International Film Festival or the Venice Carnival, due to the population of 65,000 people and shortage of young people, night life here is very poor.

Among the most important tours of Venice are worth mentioning the two islands of Murano and Burano, which, given their traditional crafts can be called almost separate attractions. Advice from the editors: As a guest of the hotel in a magnificent Italian city of Venice you have to choose the evening to open these true Italian islands and make a romantic walk on them!


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