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Food and drinks in Italy

Holiday in Italy can also be called the culinary journey. Food and drinks in Italy are sort of family secret. Look at the ethnic Italians and how do they treat with the food and drinks and how do they go to the restaurants. Going out to the restaurant usually gathers the Italians into large groups. And it looks as though except food and drinks Italians have no other important topics.

For example, the Italians can discuss the menu, offered dishes, their own food preferences and taste of dishes that they like best. For the Italians, of course, a great importance plays the atmosphere at the table. Every region of Italy is characterized by its own food, image and lifestyle, which tells the cuisine of each region.

And it's true. Italian cuisine varies from region to region. Tourists visiting northern Italy want to try the truffle. Rice here is more preferable than pasta. When moving to the south of Italy the tastes and food preferences are changing. However, if you plan the travel and vacation in Italy and want to follow the cuisine elegance of the Italians then we recommend you to follow the culinary routes, which bear the names of the dishes and underline its refinement. Italy is rich in culinary tours: from the cheese routes through the wine roads of Italy to the routes rich in olive oil and famous Parma ham. And have you already heard about the trip and champagne tasting in Venice?

In addition to pasta, truffles, sausage dishes and ham specialities, as well as Italian wines, olive oil and various types of cheeses, Italy is also a country of coffee. A cup of coffee cooked in any possible way is served as a traditional Italian drink and a part of the Italian national cuisine.

Think over the fact what bears the word "Coffee", what is behind the Italian name of "Expresso", which is usually served hot and has a unique flavor. In addition to the espresso is served a glass of water.

The basic rule in Italy: Food and drinks are consumed slowly with enjoying the exquisite taste of unique dishes of Italy.

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