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Cuisine of Sicily

Anyone who wants to feel life on Sicily, its way life and culture must go to a restaurant with local cuisine. Sicilians are very open and communicative. And the hospitality of the inhabitants of Sicily often goes far beyond the minimum. Especially in rural areas of Sicily it may happen that vacationers here may be invited for lunch or dinner with the Sicilians.

Do not refuse. Even if you consider this invitation a little unusual, it is necessary to accept it, since the rejection of an invitation to lunch or dinner will be perceived as an insult to the hosts. However, those who want to cut their spending on holiday in Sicily in such way will be disappointed.

According to established rules in Italy, bills are paid, as a rule, together with everyone, as lunch or dinner are as important as meeting with friends, family or closest and most important people. Therefore our advice is the following: either one pays for everyone or all guests put their part of the bill on the table before the waiter come to calculate it.

Here we would like to ask the tourists vacationing in Sicily, who felt Sicilian hospitality, send us your own tips, which are best to adhere to or mistakes that are better not to do, or at least to avoid them. We also offer to add pages on the portal time you visit the portal you will discover many new things: new directions, new trends, new proposals of Sicilian cuisine and culinary skills.

However, the Sicilian cuisine is very rich and diverse. For centuries the cuisine of southern Italy was influenced by the cuisines and cultures of other countries and peoples. So, on the one hand, African, Arab, partly Greek, and even Spanish trends and on the other - Sicilian cuisine uses yields obtained from the agriculture, seafood. And, as a rule, it is fish, various vegetables, a wide choice of fruits that you can always see in the menus of restaurants on Sicily. Typical Sicilian dishes are cooked beautifully, it means not in one color. Those, who plan to travel to the provinces of Sicily, will discover also the regional characteristics of Sicilian cuisine.

Here the method of cooking depends on the species of fish and seafood. However, the use of agricultural products also had an impact on cuisine and cooking process. It also depends on the type of products: cheese, wine, eggs, desserts and pastries. And, of course, favorite coffee.

By the way, spices are very important while cooking Sicilian dishes. There are used such spices as oregano, rosemary, sage, myrtle, capers, juniper, and even wild dill.


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