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Venice Biennale

Bienniale is an international festival, held in Venice, and is one of the most significant events of the annual program of events in Italy. From July until the middle of November until the end of this event bienalle is held in the rhythm of music every two years.

The official date of opening of the Italian Bienalle festival is 1895, and this means that in 1995 it celebrated its centenary. Biennale in Venice is among the most outstanding art exhibitions around the world, which is attended by more than 25-30 countries with those pavilions typical for the art exhibitions of the world. It goes without saying that Germany is among the countries that exhibit its art at the Biennale in Venice. In the concept of Italian Biennale are integrated the ideas of many other renowned international festivals, which are held simultaneously with Biennale, for example, near the castle of Giardini and on the territory of the former military shipyard in Venice and, accordingly, attract many visitors and tourists to local apartments, summer houses and hotels in Italy. Those who were unable to find an apartment, hotel room in the Italian town of Venice, may choose the apartment in the province of the same name and thanks to its good infrastructure trip to Venice will please you and bring any difficulties.

Usually in Italy is held a large number of festivals that "divide" between itself time and space and become a wonderful magnet for the public and tourists. The opening festival in most cases is Contemporary Dance Festival, which sets the Italian spring mood in Venice. Architectural exhibition is not an exception and every two years attaches to the Italian International Biennial Festival in midsummer. Like the festival of contemporary music, the theater festival also takes its own place. Nevertheless, the true highlight of Venice Biennale is amazing Venice International Film Festival. There is held an honorable awards ceremony of the highest level and regularly the main prize of the Venice Film Festival is the “Golden Lion”.

In total the Italian International Venice Biennale Festival can be considered as an overview of fashion and contemporary culture, which gained a very significant international recognition.


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