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Holidays and Festivals in Italy

If sun, sea, beach, snow and mountains are not enough to enjoy a holiday in Italy, then you need to monitor the events and celebrations that are held throughout the year in Italy. Holidays and festivals in Italy depend on season and time. All events are generally divided into cultural, sport and traditional, depending on the region in which they are held. Entertainment and leisure.

In Italy all holidays are celebrated with pleasure. It can be said that in Italy in every region and every city every year is held at least one festival. These are usually religious holidays or holidays сonnected with historical events of Italy, or the traditional festivals of some of the famous Italian families. At all these holidays communication is the main thing. If in the region of Italy where you plan to spent your holiday will take place a festival, big celebration or important event we recommend you to visit the festival of this city and more precisely of this region of Italy.

One of the most important and significant events in Italy is Palio festival. These are horse racings that take place on the roads of various Italian cities in northern Italy. This holiday dates back to the Middle Ages. Italian Carnival is particularly important. The most famous carnival is Venetian carnival. Verona and Milan are known for its opera festivals. This legendary city is known far outside Italy. Not only the history, but also modern Italy attracts tourists from all around the world. There are held such events as the Milan fashion week, Venice Film Festival, as well as the jazz festival.

Sporting events ranging from Formula 1, motorcycle «MotoGP» races, sailing competitions on the coasts of Italy and up to the sporting events held in particular cities and regions. A football trip to Italy is very attractive and always worth it. Football is the basic and the most popular sport and the most favorite spectacle as for the Italians and for the tourists.

The parties held in Rimini or on the coast in the Tuscany region are holidays which you can schedule for your trip to Italy.

Holidays in Italy

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