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Pink night in Rimini

Pink night in Rimini Pink night in Rimini

Where want to get party-goers in summer if they suddenly found themselves in Italy? Of course, in Rimini. Why? Because in the beginning of July here starts the most popular beach disco marathon, which is called Pink Night in Rimini.

Rose night in Italian is La Notta Rossa, a show which covers all regions of the Riviera resorts in Rimini, from Riccione to Cattolica. For one night a special lighting paints the buildings and sights in Rimini in pink color. The famous Bridge of Tiberius, Sigismund Castle and Augustus Arch - pink light removes the patina of antiquity and makes these monuments full participants of the action.

Pink night oblige everyone who is going to the discos to dress up that night in a pink color.

In Rimini Pink Night is called "Summer New Year". This title party acquired due to its scope. As it is known, New Year in Italy is the most bustling and happy holiday.

One of the highlights of the Pink Night is the firework. It is held at midnight throughout the Rimini Riviera. In addition, there are held numerous outdoor concerts, street performances of acrobats and jugglers.

It is worth noting that the Pink Night in Rimini, which is one big party, is largely a cultural event. In addition to performances of DJs during the Pink Night are held concerts of classical music, rock, jazz, photo and painting exhibitions.

Pink night in Rimini usually lasts for two days. Parties that precede it are called "Waiting of the Pink Night" or Aspettando la Notte Rosa.

In addition to Rimini a variety of activities within the Pink Night are held in several cities, including Ravenna, Cervia, Cesenatico, as well as the tiny republic of San Marino.

Every year the organizers choose a theme for the Pink Night in Rimini. So, in 2010 the main theme is La Dolce Vita - "Sweet Life", in honor of one of the most famous films of Federico Fellini.

Among the traditional sponsors of the Pink Night are famous Martini Rosso, it means Pink Martini.


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