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Etna on Sicily

Lava masses of the Etna volcano Lava masses of the Etna volcano

Etna is one of the largest volcanoes around the world, and, of course, in Europe, but at the same time the most active. Because of its constant activity its height is varying. At the moment the Italian volcano Etna in height is more than 3,350 meters. Etna is one of the most interesting and most popular tourist destinations in Italy in the southern part of Sicily.

No other volcano on our planet cannot boast of the same duration as Mount Etna, and even in the times of Greek mythology you can find the first reviews of this beautiful mountain. Then appeared the name Etna, which deepest meaning can be translated by such words as powerful, awe and, of course, flaming. Throughout the centuries the Italian volcano Etna has been well respected by the people.

And yet many tourists are getting ready for the trip to the south of sunny Italy to once in their life come to the volcano Etna at an extremely dangerous distance, and on the other hand became a small particle of admiration wave for this beautiful creation of nature. With increasing number of tourists making the journey on foot, including the pursuit of adventure holidays, Italian volcano Mount Etna is increasingly beginning to appear in the lists of tourist destinations of people involved in trekking and tourist routes. Skiing in addition to the volcano Etna is a wonderful holiday full of experiences on the island of Sicily and for many people is worth to go in winter on vacation to Italy.

Interesting is the fact that such cities as Catania, Messina and Reggio di Calabria immediately find themselves covered with ashes. However, people on Sicily have a gift to revive all these places in the same way that once a phoenix rose from the ashes.

Black beaches, fabulous coves, rocky and steep coast creating the eastern coast of Sicily, came from the mass of lava that flowed from the volcano Etna in the direction of the Ionian Sea. Mediterranean atmosphere at the foot of the Mount Etna volcano, as well as a perfect example of hospitality, according to travelers in many cities on Sicily, is an excellent view in the provinces of Messina and Catania on the Mount Etna - a dream holiday in southern Italy.



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