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Etiquette in Italy

Etiquette in Italy. In each country, as well as in Italy there are moments that need attention. Etiquette in Italy is essentially not separate rules of behavior. Etiquette in Italy shows much more than the country's history, art, life, customs, traditions and ceremonies. Each country, in fact, has its own etiquette and changes it in its own way. For example, the fact that in Russia or in Germany is taken for granted in Italy may be considered abnormal, become a barrier in communication or may simply strike the Russian and German vacationers in Italy. The simplest example is that the Italians have a special cordiality, openness, sociability. Germans usually prefer to sit in a restaurant together at the table. They prefer to enjoy the serenity, to be alone with themselves and the world and do not like when somebody disturbs them during a philosophizing or thinking of new strategies or ideas for their business.

The Italians, on the contrary like to be in large groups and companies. And the more southern in Italy you go, the more this phenomenon will intense. And if you listen attentively, it develops a feeling that the topic for the conversation appears only at the table. They talk about the quality of the prepared dishes, the menu and other things. On the conversation in general affects the environment itself, which is formed at the table.

Etiquette in Italy also helps to properly assess the amount of tips that should be left in an Italian café or restaurant. Similarly, there are other generally accepted rules of behavior in Italy. For example, there are some rules for women who go on vacation to Italy alone. Or, for example, do you know in which country there is a ban on smoking and the country in which there is no such a ban? And what social resolution in this case makes it possible to smoke? These and many other important tips and guidelines can be found in the rules of etiquette in Italy.

If you don’t speak Italian then it makes sense to learn few phrases of polite conversation, which you need to know. These expressions are also a part of the rules of etiquette in Italy.

And, please, remember! Every country deserves some respect. Everyone, despite the views and beliefs, nationality and country, is worth to be treated respectfully. Only your choice of clothes and your behavior will show whether you know the rules of etiquette, as well as such words as dignity and respect. is Italy characterized by a high sense of style. Here, almost everyone loves fashion and, accordingly, loves to dress tastefully. And Italy itself has a great sense of value and significance. In simple words: "Would you go to a restaurant or a cafe, wearing slippers or bikini?" In this case it is better not to do so, or at least not in Italy.

Etiquette in Italian restaurants

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