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Etiquette in Italian restaurants

Italy is famous for its cuisine. Italian restaurants, their trattorias and pizzerias - are those places where today you can find the famous dishes known due to the Jimmy Oliver show and those that are quite unknown. However, before you order it will be nice to know some rules of etiquette in Italian restaurants. This will help not only to win the waiter, but simply allow tourists to feel comfortable. For those who are going on vacation in Italy we have prepared some tips on the rules of the Italian table etiquette.

Calling the waiter

In Italy, more than elsewhere in Europe, is developed a sign language. This is well illustrated by the example of local restaurants. Simple "Sir" is often not enough to attract the attention of the waiter. You need to raise a hand and wait for the waiter to meet with your eyes.

It’s time for business, but dinner is always on schedule

In Italy it is not accepted to discuss business matters during dinner. Dinner is an opportunity for meeting. Therefore, if the business partners from Italy invite you to dinner, it means that they want to learn better you personally.

In Italy people also usually do not to eat on the run. The only exception is, perhaps, the ice cream. In all other cases people eat sitting at the table.

Culinary traditions in Italy

Coffee. Italians drink cappuccino only in the morning, but espresso at any time of day.

To create the image of a gourmet, first of all try a dish without seasonings and salt.

In Italy Parmesan cheese is often served as a free snack. However, it is not a rule. This is a display of favour of the owner. Cheese is never served with fish dishes.

Bread in Italy is placed next to the plate. Special plates for it are not provided.

For the chef in Italy the highest possible praise is when after the main course the client eat the remaining sauce with bread.

In Italy a special menu for kids is a rarity. Children eat the same food as adults.

How to eat spaghetti

Spaghetti is another story. In Italy, spaghetti is winded directly in the plate. Perhaps, for residents from Russia it is a small opening. But, for example, in Germany, people wind spaghetti using a fork and a spoon. Spoons for pasta in Italy are “outlawed”. It is not necessary to add to spaghetti all kinds of sauces. As a rule, they are already seasoned with the appropriate one.

What and how to drink in Italy

In Italy people drink mainly with food. Cocktails are not widely used. Thus also a big disappointment for tourists from Russia and other former Soviet countries could be the fact that in Italy it is not accepted to get drunk at all. Even a slight intoxication might alienate an Italian to communicate with you.

Full wineglass is another rule that works everywhere in Italy. If you do not want to drink - do not do it, leaving a wine glass full. Otherwise, they will always add wine into your glass.

The hostess rule

The hostess rule. This rule is related to parties in the Italian homes. It is considered to be disrespectful, if a guest sits down and starts eating before the hostess. Leaving the table before the hostess is also regarded as disrespect.


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