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Rooms in the hotels of Italy

Hotels in Italy are officially classified into 5 categories. By the same principle as, for example, in Russia or Germany, the Italian hotels are put in a certain star category. And that’s why in Italy you can find hotels that will be close to a simple shelter or will have only one star, as well as hotels that deserve a category of more than five stars. However, pay attention to the fact that the evaluation system of the five categories of Italian hotels is typical for the country.

Now in the hotels of the two lowest is felt a big difference. In comparison with some Italian hotels that have no classification, they have a decent level. Usually hotels that do not pass the classification system are family hotels. The hospitality and friendly service will pleasantly surprise you here.

Generally it is considered that hotels in Italy as for the interior design and cleanliness are in a state from moderate to very good. The beginning of tourism in Italy belongs to the 60-s. But, meanwhile, most hotels in Italy have been renovated and repaired. And they are interested in satisfying the needs of even the most demanding tourists and visitors.

Nevertheless, there are regional differences and it means certain checks. For example, Bologna can boast of its elegance and sophisticated sense of style, while Venice again and again struggles with sea salt on the walls. The Lake Garda is located in the aristocratic atmosphere among the villas, while the resorts on the Mediterranean Sea are still, unfortunately, demonstrate their unfinished construction projects. The cities of such regions as Tuscany and Umbria are closely linked with the history. Lazio Region is known for its hot mineral springs and Naples to a greater extent associated with sports trips.

The prices for rooms in Italy. The prices vary depending on the time of the year, the season and how close or far from the city center is located the hotel. It will have an impact on the price of a room in Italy. In general, early booking of rooms in the hotels in the middle of the season, especially in the fabulous resort locations, is a normal procedure. In fact, the velvet season and in the midst of holidays in the hotels are reserved up to 90% of the rooms and the lack of free rooms here is a usual thing.

And one more advice for the tourists. Many hotels in Italy, located near centers, demand the so-called boarding obligations. This means that the hotels in Italy stipulate the minimum number of staying days. Typically, it is 3 nights. In addition, the hotel makes an alternative proposal - a bed and a breakfast.

B&B hotels in Italy

B&B or «bed & breakdast» hotels in Italy are the kind of hotels, which came to the Apennines from the British Isles and...


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