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B&B hotels in Italy

B&B or «bed & breakdast» hotels in Italy are the kind of hotels, which came to the Apennines from the British Isles and stayed here. Today holiday in Italy on the B&B system, whether it's Tuscany, Sicily or Calabria always has some common things. Firstly, these hotels are small in size, about 10-15 rooms. Secondly – they are mostly family-owned property. And thirdly - here is usually available only breakfast.

B&B in Italy - the country from inside

B&B service in Italy is the way to get better acquainted with the country. Stop at such hotel will give the Italians a chance to see life from inside, because often these hotels simultaneously serve as housed for their owners. Besides, living in Italy on the B&B system - it's also a chance to get acquainted with the peculiarities of Italian cuisine from different regions. Typically, each hostess always has in the arsenal her own recipe for pasta, cheese or pizza.

B&B in Italy: what, where and how much

To date, in Italy are about 20,000 hotels, which operate on the B&B system. They can be found everywhere. It cannot be said that the structure of housing for holiday in Italy in any region was marked by a high number of such hotels. B&B hotels are evenly scattered: about 33% - in northern Italy, 27% in the center, and 20% of the total number of hotels are located in the south and on the islands of Italy. B&B can be found in Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples - in virtually every major Italian city. Originally designed primarily as rural hotels, today B&Bs offer their services everywhere. Among the varieties of B&B hotels in Italy there are some houses and villas and apartments in large housing complexes.

B&B hotels in Italy are primarily designed for family tourists. At the same time, among them you can meet also historic hotels located at the ancient villas of Italy, as well as B&Bs for businessmen and B&B hotels with unique design.

Prices for B&B holiday in Italy

Prices at the Italian B&B hotels across the country are actually the same. Only prices for hotels at famous Italian resorts such as Rimini, Sardinia and Capri can be little higher than average. Anyway, the best price is 30-40 euros per night for most pensions, and 50 euros - for the top regions. It is worth noting that the prices on B&B vacations in Italy are tightly tied to the season. So the disparity between the prices in May and July in several regions can reach 200%.

On the portal you can find a lot of B&B hotel offers in Italy. It may be villa in Tuscany, B&B in Venice, Florence, Milan and other cities or regions of Italy.


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