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Agrotourism in Italy

Over the past few years, agritourism in Italy has had a new meaning for many types of accommodation. Agritourism in the north of Italy is especially successfully adopted. The word "agritourism" in Italy is understood as an activity similar in significance and recreational opportunities to the vacations in village.

Agritourism in Italy means staying in the room in which there is a separate or combined bath, kitchen, telephone and other services. However, not every proposed room will be equipped with modern amenities. Food and drinks are mostly from farms or from the neighbouring villages.

Agritourism in Italy is now very popular among the families, as well as among the fans of active rest. In Italian agritourist places it is very easy to find an accommodation for a holiday. In the regions you can spend your holiday in the countryside or in another word "a holiday in the village". Meanwhile, agritourism is known as market that offers various options for housing. Everyone seems interested in tasting dishes of village cuisine. For example, in Italy there are regions where camping is also considered to be a kind of agritourism, like a comfortable apartments and stylish rooms in an urban atmosphere.

In northern Italy agritourism is related to one of the types of relaxation programs. There are swimming pools, terraces, where you can sunbathe, tennis courts and playgrounds. All this is offered to tourists so they can enjoy leisure in the countryside. When planning holiday in Italy and the more you find an accommodation located in the southern part the more you find suggestions and ideas to spend "the rest in the village" or "a vacation in the countryside". Here it really can happen that you as tourists will be integrated into everyday farm life and, for example, assist in importing the crop.

Agrotourism in Calabria

Tourist region of Calabria is located at the top of the so-called "Italian boot" and is a favorite destination for holiday in Italy...


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