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Agrotourism in Calabria

Tourist region of Calabria is located at the top of the so-called "Italian boot" and is a favorite destination for holiday in Italy after Tuscany, Liguria, Veneto and the two peninsulas of Sardinia and Sicily. There are wild romantic landscapes, seacoast, adjacent to the two different seas – the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as beautiful natural parks and magically beautiful city and sea baths. So presents itself the Italian tourist region of Calabria almost every second of the year.

A small spike separates the Italian tourist region of Calabria from Sicily and this strait, called the Strait of Messina, is already worth visiting during holiday in Italy and is worth of making an unforgettable trip to Calabria. On the other hand, in the Italian tourist region of Calabria can be found traces of the historical relations with Greece. Odysseus is one of many myths and legends that are associated not only with Greece, but also with caves and grottoes in the resort area of Calabria.

Apartments in Calabria

You should not look for apartments in Calabria for a long time. Due to the large number of sea baths in the Italian tourist region of Calabria and its focus on the development of tourism, Calabria will provide you with a wide range of hotels and rented apartments of all possible categories. You can also find an apartment in the so-called leased locations, locating individually near the sea or farm holiday apartments for vacation in rural areas in Italy. There is also a wide variety of apartments in the mountainous terrains of the Italian tourist region of Calabria.

Sights of Calabria

The Strait of Messina, golden sandy beaches, mountain plateau Campotenese, like many other plateau with rich forests, dam and artificial lakes and volcanoes in the Italian tourist region of Calabria are the true wealth of this region. The sights include the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, caves of Odyssey, the Church of the Immaculate Conception and many other places of excavations.


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