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Pink Night 2010 in Rimini

Pink Night 2010 in Rimini
Pink Night 2010 in Rimini

Rimini, perhaps the most popular beach resort of Italy, is preparing for the start of one of the most notorious events of the clubbing summer on the Apennines - Pink Night. Pink Night starts in Rimini on July 2, 2010, and will last for two days. "Nota Rose", which has already become a familiar summer mass events as before will be celebrated not only in Rimini, but also at other resorts of Italian Adriatic. 110 kilometers of the coast of the Adriatic Sea at night of 2 July will be painted in pink colors of the fireworks.

In 2010, the organizers of the Pink Night expect increased interest for the event from the tourists. They projected that the number of guests of "Nota Rose" will exceed half a million people. Additional boom fuels not only numerous discotheques, which dance floors at the time of the Pink Nights are illuminated solely by pink lights. Additional attractiveness of the event will be provided by the main theme, which this year is dedicated to the famous Italian director Federico Fellini. Not only to the director, but his famous painting - La Dolce Vita - which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. In this regard, much of the events of the festival are not only public but also cultural. At the Riviera resort of Rimini will be held photo exhibitions, theatrical performances will be shown and organized performances of street musicians.

One of the key cultural events of the Pink Night promises to be an exhibition of Italian artist Marcello Gepetti with works from the magical 60's, which will be held in Riccione on Villa Mussolini. At the exhibition can also be seen works of photographer Arturro Zavattini, which he created on the set of La Dolce Vita. And on July 4 on the beach in Riccione will be held a free screening of Fellini film.

During the festival, "Pink Night in Rimini" will also be held performances of well-known Italian opera and pop singers. Italian song will run the show in Ravenna, on the beaches of Rimini Terme, Misano Adriatico and Bellaria.

To attract more tourists, many hotels in Rimini and other resorts are going to reduce prices. For example, one week holiday in Bellaria is available starting from 500 euros, and one-week stay with full board is 270 euros in hotels of Rimini and Milano Marittima.

Date: 02/07/2010

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