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Italian wine: Wine Festival in Bardolino

Italian wine: Wine Festival in Bardolino
Italian wine: Wine Festival in Bardolino

True connoisseurs of wine must visit a small Italian town of Bardolino located on the Verona side of Lake Garda, the purest and largest in lake Italy. Here from September 29 to October 3, 2010 is held the traditional wine festival Festa dell'Uva.

Italians themselves think that in Bardolino are produced the best varieties of red wine of category DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata). Wines belonging to this category in majority are noble Italian sorts. They meet the stringent requirements in respect of the territory of origin and grape varieties, as well as norms of vinification and alcohol content. Before awarding the wines of the honorary title they are subjected to rigorous sampling. During the festival the city is filled with people who hang around the neck small cloth red or white (the color of wine) bags which contains a glass of wine. Festa dell'Uva is not only a myriad of wine samplings and local cuisine. The program of the festival includes classical music concerts, performances, yacht racing and fireworks. One of the mottos of Festa dell'Uva is "good food and wine, as opposed to good clothes, can afford everyone and the person shouldn’t be necessarily young, thin, tall and handsome."

In recent years a growing interest among tourists causes the so-called gastronomic tours in Italy. So, if in 2008 in Italy such trips have committed approximately 2 million people in 2010 their number increased more than threefold.

Italy, with its unique cuisine that has preserved ancient traditions may be rightfully called the queen of the culinary world. We face with Italian recipes every day. Every Italian has its own unique recipe for lasagna. Pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna) is popular worldwide, and recipes of Italian cuisine are translated into all languages of the world.

A special place in the culinary tours of Italy is devoted to wine tourism. In 2008, Italy has overcome France and became the world leader in the production of wine, now every fourth bottle of wine on our planet is made in Italy, where for the vineyards is used 830 thousand hectares of land.

Date: 29/09/2010

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