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In Italy has been opened the museum of tomato

In Italy has been opened the museum of tomato
In Italy has been opened the museum of tomato

In northern Italy in the Po river valley is located amazing in its beauty city of Parma. Parma is mainly known worldwide for its delicacies, which are produced or have been invented here. It is famous cheese parmesan - "King of cheeses" (in Italy it is called "Parmigiano Reggiano"), Parma ham, Felino salami and many other meat and sausage delicacies. Emilia-Romagna region, where the city of Parma is located, even since the Middle Ages has been the center of food industry. “Valley of food” - now in Italy this area is called so, food industry here is developed by hundreds of companies. It is therefore not surprising that in Parma itself and its surrounding areas has been opened a museum dedicated to the culinary theme. For example, the Museum of hams and sausages in the city of Langirano, the Museum of Food and parmesan in the town of Sorani. Just recently, in a small town located in the suburb of Parma - Colleccio, has been opened a new museum - the Museum of tomato (Museo del Pomodoro).

Museum of Tomato is a well-equipped research and information center, housed in seven exhibition complexes. The museum collected almost everything that is known about Solánum lycopérsicum, that is how tomato called in Latin. Museum visitors can learn the history of the spreading of this vegetable in Europe and around the globe, they will be told about what varieties of tomatoes currently exist, as well as become acquainted with all phases of growing and processing of tomatoes. For professionals is prepared a special stand where demonstrated the types of greenhouses and harvesting machinery, fertilizers and even packaging materials. The youngest visitors will also be interested in visiting the museum, for them in the last room are located stands with books, records and toys from different countries, with the main character - Signor Tomato.

In Italy people have special attitude towards tomatoes, and though it got into the country only in the middle of the XVI century, now all Italian cuisine, and the whole so-called "Mediterranean diet" is unthinkable without the use of tomatoes and tomato paste. Just remember that the tomato is an indispensable component of a truly national Italian dishes like pizza and pasta.

Date: 19/10/2010

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