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34 Italian restaurants received Michelin stars

34 Italian restaurants received Michelin stars
34 Italian restaurants received Michelin stars

In Italy there are now more restaurants that have received recognition of one of the most respected global restaurant guides Michelin. The world-famous restaurant guide awarded with stars in total 34 Italian restaurants.

Two restaurants in Italy were awarded by two Michelin stars. There were Jasmin restaurant in the town of Chiuza in the Alpine region of Trentino and Bracali restaurant in the city of Massa of the Marittima-Dzhirlanda region in Tuscany. Others received the first Michelin star in its history. One star was given to three Roman restaurants: Giuda Ballerino, Il Convivio-Troiani and All'Oro. There were also marked such restaurants as La Cantinella in Naples, Bye Bye Blues restaurant in Palermo, Locanda del Pilone in Alba, L'Olivo on Capri and others.

Thus, Italian cuisine defended the title of one of the leaders in the culinary world according to Michelin. In total there are located 6 restaurants, owners of three Michelin stars, 37 restaurants with 2 stars and 233 restaurants with one star. Among the regions of Italy, the largest number of "Michelin" winners is in Lombardy. There are in total 53 restaurants marked with stars. On the second place is Piedmont with 37 restaurants, according to Bloomberg.

Italian restaurants have always considered the quality of raw products to be one of the most important things. Michelin awards once again confirm not only the high level of chefs’ skills, but their scrupulousness in the choice of products.

In accordance with the classification of the Michelin two stars are given to the restaurants with gourmet unstained cuisine that deserve separate tour. One star means a restaurant with good food, one of the best in its category. Three stars from Michelin is the highest award for exceptional culinary skills.

Michelin is one of the world's oldest restaurant guides, which is produced by the world's second producer of tires Michelin Corporation. The first edition of “Michelin” was published in 1900. Initially the guide was designed for drivers, but later it became one of the leading restaurant guides of the planet. Today Michelin is published in 23 countries of the world.

Date: 29/11/2010

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