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Rentals in Italy 2011: summer advices

Rentals in Italy 2011: summer advices
Resorts in Italy: villa rentals in Italy are available online today

Renting of villa in Italy, apartments in Rome, home on the coast of Rimini, apartments in Lido di Jesolo, or a bungalow on the shores of Lake Como - booking of private accommodation online today emerged from the shadow of travel agents and is now available. Hotels in Italy, which still remain for many people an optimal option for staying, increasingly give way to the fans of independent holidays and private sector. However, when searching and booking accommodation on booking sites, such as, many tourists have a lot of questions - how best to rent accommodation in Italy online to protect yourself from unpleasant accidents.

On the eve of the summer season in Italy portal prepared a number of tips that are designed to help those, who want to rent villa in Italy, apartments or other type of private accommodation.

1. Ask for a lease contract. When renting a house or cottage in Italy, despite the pictures on the internet, it is important to ask the owner to send an agreement in the form of online booking by fax for additional safeguards.

2. Specify the location. On the portal not all homeowners indicate the exact address of the accommodation. If on the interactive map apartments and villas are marked in the center of a settlement, so the owners did not specify the exact address of residence. In this case, you can get the exact address only after filling the booking form.

3. Carefully read accommodation booking cancellation conditions in Italy. The portal offers thousands of lease offers. In this case, a number of accommodation are published for unsecured booking, part of the owners ask a certain amount in advance, some take returnable deposit on the spot, which is returned to the guests upon departure. Anyway, bail conditions are listed in each ad.

4. Making visas to Italy. Apartments in Italy, villas and houses - the owners meet the tourists halfway and sent by fax confirmation of reservation. Practice shows that such acknowledgment is the basis for obtaining visa to Italy. However, when filling the form online it's better to ask the owner if he would send the confirmation by fax? Also, you should additionally consult at the embassy.

5. Be generous. Information on successful holiday, which was published on the web, always helps other travelers. Today, when independent holiday in Sardinia, Naples or Tuscany is chosen by many people, information about the organization of successful holidays is very useful. Use well-known reviews services (, reviews on and others) to share information with others.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 29/04/2011

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