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Holidays in Italy 2011: unusual Italian museums

Among the famous museums in Italy there are a lot of unusual ones. Italy itself can serve as one huge museum. On the photo is Fountain in Rome.

Italy is the country of museums. From the foot of the Dolomites to the coast of Sardinia: museums in Italy are an integral and indispensable part of the tourist landscape of each region. For those, who intend to spend interesting and exiting holidays in Italy, offers a list of fascinating Italian museums. These museums are not a collection of masterpieces, as, for example, Uffizi Gallery in Florence. In addition, each of them is able to attract tourist by its unusual exhibitions. At the same time, a number of museums can be interesting for those, who plan to vacation in Italy with children.

Waste Museum, Turin, Piedmont

Address: Parco Michelotti, Casale, 5 - Torino

Almost 1,000 square meters of games, multimedia, platforms for interactive experiments - all of this is devoted to garbage and waste. Waste Museum is located in the territory of Science and Technology Park in Turin. Museum exposition tells about the technology of recycling, different kinds of emissions, considers the problem of waste and pollution through the prism of fascinating science. In the museum is located a scientific laboratory, where by special order may be conducted a number of experiments.
The museum is opened from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00. On Sunday Waste Museum is opened from 15 to 17.00. Day-off is Saturday

Umbrella Museum, Gignese, Piedmont

Address: Via Golf Panorama, 2 - 28 836 Gignese

The only museum of umbrellas in the world is located in Gineze and offers its visitors more than 1,000 umbrellas, some of which date back to 18th century.
The museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 18.00. Break from 12 to 15.00. It is closed on Monday

Rivarossi train model Museum, Como, Lombardy

Località Sagnino via Pio XI, 157 - Como

Rivarossi Museum at Como resort is located directly at the factory, which produces toy trains. Here, as in the tale of Gianni Rodari "Blue Arrow", every child can find a train to his taste. In total the museum presents 5000 models from the very first produced model at the plant Riva & Rossi to the latest models.
Guided tours are available on request. Day-offs: Saturday and Sunday

Pipe Museum, Gavirate, Lombardy

via del Chiostro, fifth - Gavirate (Varese)

From Tyrol pipes to the pipes of Central American Indians - Museum of pipes in Gavirate presents in its 10 halls about 30 000 different variations of the pipes, as well as equipment for pipe manufacturing.
The museum organizes tours on request. It is opened from April to October.

Toy Museum in Milan, Lombardy

via Pitteri, 56 - Milano

Toys for girls and boys, puppet theaters, military toys - more than 1,500 exhibits allow its visitors to immerse into the real world of childhood. There are presented unique items, such as toys of the 18th century, but also there is a separate exhibition dedicated to the Italian wooden toys.
The museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 18.00. Break: from 12 to 15.00. Day off is Monday.

Paper Museum, Fabriano, Marche

Complesso di S. Domenico, l.go Fratelli Spacca, 2 - Fabriano

Museum of paper in Fabriano, located in the old church of the 14th century, tells the history of papermaking, from the very first paper factory in Italy built in medieval Europe. The uniqueness of this museum is also in the fact that you can see here the process of production paper with water signs.
The museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 18.00. Break: 12 to 15.00. Day off is Monday.

Gobelin Museum, Bologna

VILLA SPADA Via di Casaglia, 3 - 40 135 Bologna

Gobelins are one of the most important difficult crafts that existed in the Renaissance era. In the museum of gobelins in Bologna you can find a number of unique gobelins from around the world and learn about the details of gobelin production with the help of modern computer technology.
The museum is opened from Tuesday through Sunday from 9 to 18.00. Break: 13 to 15.00. Day off is Monday.

Medical Art Museum, Rome

Lungotevere in Sassia, 3 - Roma

Medicine, pharmacology, chemistry - all medical industries today can be found in this unusual museum in Rome. Art in medicine - unique works of physicians of the past, such as anatomical tables by Paolo Mascagni, or a portrait of the lymphatic system by Gulemo Riva, skeletons and sculptures - all this is gathered in the halls of the Medical Art Museum in Rome.
The museum is opened on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 12.00 pm

Ilya Kalachev

Photo: Alesia Belaya

Date: 24/06/2011

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