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Famous regatta will be held in Trieste

Yachts in Italy
Yachts in Italy: Trieste regatta is one of the oldest in the country

Unique in its scope and beauty spectacle will be able to see the tourists visiting the Italian city of Trieste in the period from 1 to 9 October 2011. This is the famous Barcolana regatta, which will be held for the 43th time. Although the main event, the most prestigious part of the celebration will be held on Sunday the 9th, the whole week before it will be full of bright events and celebrations, and it will take place not only in coastal waters, but also on the land. The main distinguishing feature of Barcolana is its complete democracy and openness. Anyone can participate in the regatta if he has a suitable vessel. There are no other restrictions, either in size and equipment of the yachts or the age and gender of participants, as well as team skills. Such openness creates at the festival special atmosphere and every year in the Gulf of Trieste over 2000 yachts participate in Barcolana.

Sea festival will enjoy not only yachtsmen, but also spectators. Throughout the festival week fun on the waterfront and the central channel of Trieste will not stop even for a minute. Here you can listen to performances of the musicians, to watch theater and circus performances, and in numerous tents anyone can try Sicilian, Sardinian, Serbian, Spanish, Hungarian and even Indian delicacies. The total number of viewers and fans on the waterfront is going to be about a quarter of a million.

Program of Barcolana 2011:

October 1-2, Barcolina regatta for the participants under 18 years, the Gulf of Trieste
October 3-8, sail Trieste - pairs race
October 5-9, festival of navigation and ship books
October 6-8, Barcolana night regatta in the Gulf of Trieste
October 7-8, Barcolana jazz festival in Trieste, on the Unità d'Italia Square
October 9, 2011 - 43rd Barcolana regatta

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Photo: Marcus Lenk

Date: 27/09/2011

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