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Madonna goes to Rome

Madonna goes to Rome
Madonna goes to Rome

One of the most famous representatives of modern show business - Madonna - will perform on the main arena of Rome on June 12, 2012. Madonna's concert at the Olympic Stadium of the Italian capital will begin at 8 pm on local time. This concert in Rome will be presented as part of the tour in support of her new album MDNA. In 2012 Madonna will offer its fans a great show with visual and lighting effects.

This concert tour, as well as previous ones, has already recorded a scandal. For example, during a concert in Tel Aviv, which was held on June 5, 2012, the face of the French politic Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead appeared on the giant screens. Le Pen, the head of the French nationalist party Front National, reported that she is ready to file a lawsuit if such image will be used during the singer’s concert in France.

During recent Madonna’s concerts Italy has also experienced several loud scandals. For example, in 2006 her show caused a negative reaction from Vatican. Then the Catholic Church strongly criticized episodes of Madonna's concert, which was part of the «Confession Tour». Then in some scenes the pop star wore on her head a crown of thorns and sang being chained to a cross. Despite the efforts of Catholics the concert wasn’t canceled. All tickets were sold and Madonna in response to criticism offered the pope to attend the show and make his impression of it.

Madonna’s concert in Rome will be held with support of Martin Solveig, one of the most popular modern electronic DJs. It should be noted that the pop star invited many well-known electronic musicians to participate in her world tour. Thus, the concert in Abu Dhabi will be opened by the Italian DJ Benny Benassi, who has already taken part in Madonna’s last concert in Rome. Ticket prices for Madonna's show in Rome will start from 51 Euros.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 12/06/2012

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