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Sardinia with its white beaches, ancient myths and indigenous way of life is one of the most popular tourist regions of Italy. The island of Sardinia is the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. Many areas on the Mediterranean coast are involved in a busy ferry service between the mainland and Sardinia. Nevertheless, it is necessary to draw attention to something on the island.

The best season for tourist travel to the island of Sardinia

The climatic conditions rarely determine the best time to travel to Italy. But before the trip to the island of Sardinia you should take it into account. The best time for the rest here is spring and autumn. In summer the temperature on the island is so high that it is leaved even by the natives. Just like in Athens, many shopping places and food shops are closed. In winter frost will take care of deserted beaches and in the cities themselves.

The sights of Sardinia

Sardinia fascinates by the endless sea shore with white sand, turquoise water, forested mountain slopes, snow-capped mountain ranges and rich historical traditions, which are reflected as in the way of life and in the events taking place on the island. Holidays in Sardinia is a dream of all those who are willing to travel, is happy to see the sun, needs a rest, ride on a horseback and is interested in art, culture and history of Italy.

Recreation on Sardinia

To swim, to lie in the sun, to spend the time very quietly, to dive into the underwater world or swing on the tops of the rocks - all this offers the Italian island of Sardinia. Along with the port cities of Cagliari and Olvia, Costa Smeralda Resort, also known as the Emerald Coast, is one of the most popular places on the island. Luxury, yachts and beautiful beaches enchant tourists since the 60-ies, so the region of Costa Smeralda is considered to be one of the exclusive luxury tourist resorts in Europe. It is still need to pay attention to the small in size and not so rich, but, nonetheless, attractive holiday destinations as Alghero and Cala Gonone.

Beaches of Sardinia

The beaches of Sardinia are famous both in Italy and abroad. Beach Italy is impossible to imagine without the coast of Sardinia. You can rarely...

Nature of Sardinia

If we talk about the classification of the landscape of the resort island of Sardinia in Italy, it is very diverse, so I had some difficulties...


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