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Nature of Sardinia

If we talk about the classification of the landscape of the resort island of Sardinia in Italy, it is very diverse, so I had some difficulties as the editor of this section, when I had to concentrate on the essentials. After much thought and analysis, initially I wanted to choose the reserves in the form of works of art of Italian reserves, created by nature, on the other – I had to seek information about them for a long time, then to focus on the structure and properties of the geology and natural areas on the tourist island of Sardinia. Therefore, in this category will be presented, for example, terrains of Gallura in northern Sardinia or steppe landscapes of Nura in the north-west, alluvial lands of Thierbaux, about the natural Arborea area or centrally located mountain region of Barbagia.

Coast of the Italian resort island of Sardinia with its bays, high waves, beaches, islands and huge rocks, bays, as well as a variety of shallows and so on, will be described in a separate article. In this section you will find a description and information about the main landscapes of the island of Sardinia, which are under the governmental and international protection, about afforestation, which is the basis for some of the initiatives of the World Wildlife Fund. And, of course, it includes the national parks on the Italian resort island of Sardinia, which include, inter alia, Isola Asinara national park, Archipelago national park and Madallena Supramonte Gennargentu national park.

Worth of exploring, for example, are the lagoons around the area of Cagliari, where each year nest for winter thousands of flamingos, and you in any way will be able to find out something new and striking about the territories of Capo Falcone, Lago di Barac, Capo Teulada and Isola Rossa. As for the information about the area near the marine reserve of Capo Carbonarra or Monte Arcy, it is well described in the literature, for example, here are included such geographic places as Punta Coda Cavallo peninsula and the islands of Tavolana and Molar.

These beautiful landscapes of Sardinia on the one hand are under the protection of nature and there are very strict requirements for the activities and free time of the tourists in national parks of the resort island of Sardinia. But on the other hand it is wonderful to watch, they can be easily reached by bicycle, on foot or sometimes with the excursion. But in any case a tour to the Italian resort island of Sardinia for such a purpose as discovering the secrets of nature or just enjoy it, is definitely worth it.

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