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Tavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo marine reserve

Whether it is the smallest kingdom in Europe or not, everyone can and must decide for himself when first set foot on the territory of the Italian island of Tavolara.
The Italian resort island of Tavolara is among the favorite tourist destinations to the south of the di Olbia Bay in the province of Olbia. Together with its brother, tourist island of Molar, it refers to the marine park Tavolara and Punta Coda Cavallo (it. Area Marina Protetta Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo), which was with the whole area from Cape Kerazo to San Teodoro added to the protected area and granted the status of a reserve.

It is a really free and obvious action of settled here long time ago Corsicans, when on arrival here Charles Albert was named the King of Sardinia, who made sure that in this cunning way he will legally join the island of Tavolara. This document could not be read by the Sardinians due to the lack of schools and teachers, because of what they had to take the oath and begin to pay tribute to the Corsicans. His followers and successors have received from him the paper, relating them to a noble family, for which they swore allegiance to him with full faith that he is the real king of this Italian island.

At the moment, those 20-30 people, who inhabit this Italian resort island of Tavolara for a long time are primarily fishermen and are now working to develop tourism in this region. In other words, it is quite possible that on the island of Tavolara you will find, for example, a self-proclaimed successor to the kingdom or will be able to gain contact with the true owner of this stunning Italian island.

In the first place the tourists try to visit the three major beaches of the resort on the Italian island of Tavolara and try to reach the highest point of the archipelago. The peak of Punta Kannon can be reached, although the area is already belongs to NATO. The ID card on the Italian island of Tavolara is one of the domestic rules and orders and instructions from NATO must be unconditionally comply with. The north of the Tavolara island is closed for tourism, it does not matter whether you are engaged in diving, decided to go hiking, want to watch the closed beaches or take a walk around the whole island. For these actions we can advise you the eastern part of the island, which will impress you with bushes, furnaces for burning the limestone and striking ruins of ancient villages.

In addition, on the Italian resort island of Molar there are many interesting beaches, the highest point there is a height of only 155 m, while on the island Tavolara it reaches 565 meters.


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