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Madallena Archipelago National Park

Madallena Archipelago National Park is located in the northern part of the Italian resort island of Sardinia, and to be more precise in the northeastern province of Olbia Tempio, and at the same time to the west of the legendary place of Costa Smeralda. Italian national park of the Madallena archipelago, or known as the archipelago of La Maddalena, consists of seven main islands and several smaller islands, but they all have the same structure. Each of these resort islands is certainly unique and at the same the islands of the national park are rough, very rocky, but at the same time, very reliable shoreline, consisting of small coves and sandy beaches, and the most vivid symbol here is a gray granite and glowing red porphyry.

Italian resort islands of the Madallena Archipelago National Park are sparsely populated, but thanks to nearly thirty-minute ferry to the main island of La Maddalena this "solitude" and "privacy" on the island can be only occasionally feel here. If you have nowhere to stay, because nearly all real estates in the territory within the national park of the Madallena archipelago are already booked, do not worry, because on this island of La Maddalena there are always available apartments, summer houses and hotels. Other provinces with a variety of apartments available for rent are Monetu or Guardia.

As a rule, Madallena Archipelago National Park is used to travel from Palau, looking at the beautiful beaches for beach holidays in the north Italian resort island of Sardinia, and traces of Giuseppe Garibaldi - this is the reason why tourists want to visit this national park. If you look at the history of the national park of the Madallena archipelago, which is also closely linked with the military, here can be heard such names as Admiral Nelson, or even a lieutenant Napoleon Bonaparte. Most of the national park of the Madallena archipelago is still under the management of the Italian army and the Americans occupy their positions of submarines on the Isola Santo Stefano. Access to the island of Isola Spargiotto and Isola Di Li Nibani, as well as parts of Spiagia Rosa on Isola Budelli is still denied for visitors.

However, the archipelago of La Madallena was named in 1994 an Italian national park, and as a national park in Italy itself is unique and gigantic.


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