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Asinara national Italian park

Asinara national park is one of several national parks on the Italian resort island of Sardinia that is situated in the extreme north-west of the island. This amazing park reserve in the Mediterranean region is affectionately known as Isola Asinara.

As the entire island, Asinara national park extends in length and reaches a height of 400 meters. Asinara national park on the Italian resort island of Sardinia joins the Stintino peninsula. The park is called so due to half-wild white donkeys, which live here in flocks.

Asinara national Italian park became known through the establishment of colonies in the late 19th century. Isola Asinara was equally well known as a quarantine station for the victims of cholera, and in 1970 it was a maximum security level prison for the so-called Mafia and terrorists. But, just as similar prison Alcatraz in San Francisco, the prison is now disbanded and closed.

An interesting fact is that during slavery and brutal colonization on Isola Asinara could survive an amazing amount of varieties of flora and fauna, which has become a victim in other areas of our planet due to the destruction and overexploitation. Together with the surrounding sea area for this reason in 1997 Isola Asinara was declared as the Asinara national park, where even today many parts of the territory remains closed to the tourists.

But a person, who, for example, will rent a house for a holiday in Stintino or rent a hotel room here, will be able to choose the travel to the Asinara national Italian park as a major goal for the holiday on the resort Italian island of Sardinia. You can visit prisons, cemeteries, and those, who want to can plan a trip on a bicycle to the northern part of the island of Sardinia or go to the beaches of the Asinara national park and spend a wonderful day sightseeing Sardinia with family. It is worth noting that the most popular beaches in the Asinara national Italian park are Detenuti and Cala d'Olivia.


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