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Gallura - sailing vacations, beach holidays and surfing

Gallura is, perhaps, the only territory on the Italian resort island of Sardinia, which is the most famous and familiar to most travelers to Sardinia. Here Gallura is a true paradise for divers, they rely on the wind for surfing and sailing on the beaches of this area and in Sardinia you can enjoy surfing at the international level.

Gallura refers to the extreme north of the Italian resort island of Sardinia and is situated directly opposite the French island of Corsica, and in good visibility, it can be seen with your own eyes. Tourists, who were here, say that the landscape of Gallura territory is the most attractive place for tourism on the Italian tourist island of Sardinia. The coastal landscape is deeply carved into the coast of the island, and quite close to the famous beaches, such as, for example, Costa Smeralda, are located hidden coves, some of which are accessible only by boat. Here you can see striking cliffs, formed by erosion, similar to which you will not see anywhere else throughout the Mediterranean, and this is also a unique feature of the Italian resort island of Sardinia. Sea water on beaches is amazingly clean, you can watch through the crystal water the bottom of the sea for meters deep, and that is what attracts amateur and professional divers to spend their vacation on the island of Sardinia in Italy.

Beaches, which attract the most attention in Gallura, are attached directly to the coast due to Olbia town, at the same time, the provincial capitals, and protected national park Forest National Park of the Madallena archipelago, which was originally created as an archipelago of the land bridge to the island of Corsica. In total Gallura is the only Italian area from granite and porphyry rocks and has about 80 large and small beaches with the adjacent resort towns, fishing villages and urban provinces, among which, in any case, are worth noting thanks to the variety of apartments Porto Cervo, Palau, as well as Santa Teresa di Gallura and Porto-Polo, which unlike the others, supports the tourist destinations of the island via a ferry to the areas of the Madallena archipelago in the north of the island of Sardinia.

In the depth of the landscape of Italian resort area of Gallura you can see a large number of plantations of cork oak, very mature and almost fully protected flora, and yet, here is a located a climatic resort in Tempia-Pausania. Particularly popular places of the tours through the lands of the territory of Gallura on the Italian island of Sardinia are excursion to Limbara in Gallura area and Arzacena with all its prehistoric finds.


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